INNOMOTE – Welding Remote

INNOMOTE – Welding Remote

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          INNOMOTE WELDING REMOTE provides outstanding performance to vary the welding machine current through a RF remote control. The welder to do welding for different welding stick without man effort.

          The welding remote consists of transmitter and receiver .The transmitter has a display to show the current varying in welding machine. The key pad consists of four keys start, up, down, stop keys. The start key is used to turn ON a relay, stop key to turn OFF the relay, up and down keys to vary the current in machine.

          The receiver consists of relay optional to ON, OFF the machine. The receiver gives output (0-10v) DC voltage to vary the welding machine current for remotely using Up and Down buttons.



  • 1. Wireless Radio control.
  • 2. 0-10v DC Analog output.
  • 3. Improves welding qualities with precise operator control.
  • 4. Two channel relay output.
  • 5. One TX to multiple receivers (Option).
  • 6. Increase productivity.
  • 7. Improves safety.
  • 8. Extends welding range to 300 ft.
  • 9. Set value memory. Retention on power failure.
  • 10. Multichannel operation.
  • 11. Easy to use.


  • 1. Output DC voltage varies from 0-10v.
  • 2. Welding current will be changeable using up & down range.
  • 3. LCD backlight for better visibility for night.
  • 4. Start & stop used for Relay ON & OFF option.
  • 5. Configuration software to channel and range.
  • 6. Output –reverse polarity protection.

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