INNOMOTE – Stacker Remote

INNOMOTE – Stacker Remote

             INNOMOTE – Stacker remote is the special purpose Radio Remote. It is designed and manufactured for the requirement of Stacker machine. In this Remote  to change different types of operation for momentry with long distance.It consists of Transmitter and Receiver part. The transmitter is used to transmitt the input signal  by  pressing  the Bush button for specified operation. The receiver is used to receive the Data signal and crossponding relay is turn ON. In this Remote used to select the more and different types of   operations possible using only few keys.



  • 1. Inspect & operate movement of cradle using Wireless Radio remotes
  • 2. No need of any person help for cradle
  • 3. It will be safer than two operators operating the mechanical machines.
  • 4. Capable of driving 36 individual relays with Potential free Output.
  • 5. 16×2 LCD Display guidance.
  • 6. Data Transmission /Error indication available.


  • 1. Analog output of 0-10V.
  • 2. The response time is maximum of 35 ms
  • 3. Emergency stop will be operated by Magnetic key.


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